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At HealthyGirl, we are mindful of who we partner with and what products we recommend. It is important to us that products we recommend are not only best in class, but follow the strictest manufacturing guidelines in the world. Many products can claim to be the best but after many years of searching, we felt both authentic and true recommending USANA Health Sciences as our favorite for cellular health, detoxification and optimal cellular function. USANA Health Sciences is the highest rated supplement in the world.


As you begin your cellular health program using USANA Health Sciences, remember that the #1 detoxification technique is to drink sufficient water daily (2L is a great goal while starting your cellular health program). Remember as well that getting enough sleep will greatly enhance your cellular health program as your cells and your body repair and rejuvenate at night and as you sleep. Eat mindfully, chew your food, take your time eating, eat seated and do the best you can to live mindfully and joyfully.


Should you have any questions regarding your USANA Health Sciences Client account, feel free to call our world class client services team at 1-888-950-9595. You can also manage your very own customized account online by logging into: www.usana.com (click on the login button). Here is your login info:


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I am also attaching a copy of our HealthyGirl Perfect Health Guide for you to learn more about our favorite products and cellular health programs.

With so much love and light (and remember to drink lots of water- especially for the first week!)


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